I’ve been working for over 6 years for large corporations, but last week I accepted a job offer to work at a much smaller company – I’ll be employee 6 (or 7, if you count the intern). I’m really excited, my family’s excited, my current co-workers keep telling me I’ll be missed, and my new co-workers can’t wait for me to start, so it’s a pretty good time. And just because that’s how life goes, I’ll also earn my B.S. in Computer Science after 10 years of full- and part-time study.

But why mention it here? A few reasons:

  • The new job is with .Net, and my background (so far) is in J2EE. I like the thought of seeing the other side, and doing a balanced compare-and-contrast. To borrow from Neal Stephenson, “nothing teaches you about your home country like visiting a different one.” [My first impression of the differences is that Java aims to be open, but at the cost of consistency, completeness, and cohesiveness; .Net is more consistent, complete, and cohesive, but closed. That’s very general, so flame away.] Outcome: new posts.
  • My copy of the pick-axe just came in. I’ll spend the week between jobs learning some .Net, of course, but also firming up my Ruby skills. Meta-programming, dynamic typing, closures, continuations…So many neat things to learn about! Outcome: new posts.
  • I think it’s safe to call me an autodidact. Going to school was frustrating because there are so many neat things to learn, and I have to follow the curriculum. [What a whiner!] In any case, no class means I can brush off G.E.B., maybe Zen, finish Flatterland, and some other things. Outcome: probably new posts. I’m really looking forward to the new job, and to no school. All within a few weeks of each other. It should be a good summer…