This past Monday night, Gregory Brown, ruby mendicant, stopped by for the Hartford Ruby Brigade’s July meeting.

We started off with a Ruby Robots show-down, but since everyone still had work to do on their bots, we decided it’ll be a regular event.  Right now, my lame-ass Edger bot is, I believe, the champion, but I expect that to change next month.  Greg’s bot, the terminator, won the Matrix-version of the competition, where cheating hacking the system is allowed.  You can watch Greg talk about cheating Ruby Robots, how he hacked the enemy bots, and defended his bot against similar attacks.  It’s relevant to any ruby discussion, because he’s using basic ruby techniques, and ruby’s open and dynamic nature, to do it all.

Greg’s talks on Ruport, Prawn, and the finer points of designing a useful API in ruby were really good, too.  With luck, they’ll be up on Vimeo soon.