What the hell happened? I mean, I don’t care for “I haven’t been blogging because…” posts either, but it’s been quiet here lately, hasn’t it?

The explanation comes in two parts:

After I announced I was releasing WordCram, I worked like mad on it. In my last post, the one announcing WordCram, I said “There’s still work to do, but that’s the fun part,” but I had no idea. And it’s not even a big library, or do anything useful! And there is certainly still work to do. I have a new, visceral appreciation for how much open source software developers give us. That’s the first part.

But all that stopped last April, when my employer began going through some - I guess “changes” is a safe enough word. Nevermind what they were. It got me thinking it was time to find a job I liked better. The job search is the second part of the explanation. I didn’t want another ordinary-business kind of job, but I didn’t know which direction to head in. After  sinking myself in some Processing.org dataviz, science, and Ruby, talking to a bunch of excellent people, and finding some luck, I got a spot on the SeeClickFix team, doing Ruby on Rails, and helping citizens improve their community.

Get a great job, working in a great language, making the world a little bit better:

I start in September, right before I start classes at Ruby Mendicant University. It’s been a busy spring and summer, and it’ll be a busy fall, too.

And at some point, I have some WordCram things to finish…